City: Aberdeen
Last visit: 10 Apr 2014
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Posted: 10 Apr 2014


i was ripped of by a fella by the name of( JOSHUA FALLS ) he told me he was from inverness would any one know this fella could you please contact me dont think this is his real name IF ANY ONE KNOWS WHO THIS MIGHT BE OR HAVE A PROPER ADDRESS FOR HIM GET IN CONTACT WITH ME I HAVE HAD A FEW REPLYS TO THIS AD HAS TO BE MORE PEOPLE OUT THERE BEING RIPPED OF BY THIS FELLA HE PROULS ROUND THE WANTED ADS ON GUMTREE TO FIND PEOPLE WANTING STUFF THEN HE CONTACTS THEM WITH A PILE OF BULL THAT HE HAS SUCH ITEM THEN HE SUCKS YOU IN AND RIPS YOU OF GETS YOUR MONEY AND YOU RECEIVE NO SUCH ITEM THAT HE NEVER HAD IN THE FIRST PLACE FRAUDSTER i have been contacted by a third person and they have another name of a russel falls with bank details under a joshua falls this just gets better